Not Everyone Loves Marineland

Marineland animals suffering, former staffers say
By Linda Diebel
The Toronto Star, August, 2012

What’s wrong with the water? An investigation into how the happy animals on display in Ontario are suffering skin loss and eye damage, including blindness at one of the country’s most celebrated marine parks.

Clucking into History

How the Chicken Conquered the World
By Jerry Adler and Andrew Lawler
Smithsonian Magazine, June 2012 

Why did the chicken cross … er, from the jungle onto our dinner plates. A noble tale of fowl and folly.

Booze Bears

Ukraine attempts to avert PR disaster by sending ‘vodka bears’ to rehab
By Oliver Moore
The Globe & Mail, June 2012

After a life of stumbling for entertainment, Ukraine’s bears sober up for the Euro Cup.

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Ukraine Tries to Sober Up Its Bears for Euro Soccer
By Peter Savodnik
Businessweek, June 2012

Yura the brown bear, who weighs about 800 pounds and has a friendly disposition, recently moved into a six-by-10-foot cell with a striking view of the Carpathian Mountains. The cell is tidy, with a few clumps of hay and hunter-green bars. A few pens away is Mashenka, who is smaller and has an ecru-brown coat. Then comes Rosa. Vanya Khars, a security guard who watches the bears, says sadly, “Rosa is still an alcoholic.” Still, Khars says, “these three are happy here.” 

Shamu Shame

The Killer in the Pool
By Tim Zimmermann
Outside, July 2010

Suburbia and the Big Black Bears

Bear Country
By Jennifer Pagliaro
Toronto Star, May 2012

At a standoff with black bears in suburbia, a nearly non-existent management strategy has left little between bears and us except the gun.

Foal Life

Born to die? Ontario horse racing crisis
By Jayme Poisson
Toronto Star, May 2012

 A young foal may never get fulfill his Seabiscuit potential.

Pudgy Pigeons

Animal obesity: Are pigeons getting fatter?
By David Merritt Johns
Slate, April 2012

The science behind urban rodent overeating. 

The Monster of Matane

Hunter and guide lock horns over moose’s legendary antlers
By Ingrid Peritz 
The Globe & Mail, April 2012 

A moose menace meets his end, but the spoils spark legal debate.

“For some, that moose was like a flying saucer,” Mr. Paradis said Tuesday from his home in the Gaspé. “Unless people could touch it, they didn’t think it was real.”

The Tortoise and the Hippo

Hippo and tortoise pals may find three’s a crowd
By John Roach
National Geographic, January 2006 

An unusual bond.

"For now, the hippo and tortoise are best buddies. The story of their friendship, formed in the wake of the tsunami, has been helping people in the region cope with their own losses, Kahumbu said."

Falcon romance

Harlequin falcons are back, and they’ve laid eggs
By Jayme Poisson
Toronto Star, March 2012 

Love and longing on the stoop.

"The way Mark Nash of the Canadian Peregrine Foundation tells it, Quest, a pretty American from Rochester, N.Y., didn’t seem too pleased with the “interloper,” but tolerated his presence because ‘he’s the opposite sex and you never know.’

The bird earned himself the nickname ‘Chester the molester.’”

Birds of a Feather

Great grey owl ruffles feathers in Kingsville, Ont.
By Josh Tapper
Toronto Star, January 2012 

A beautiful and rare bird draws a captive audience.

Pride of London

Christian, the lion who lived in my London living room
By Victoria Moore
Daily Mail, May 2007 

From King’s Road flat to Nairobi wilderness.

And if you haven’t seen it, just try not to cry watching the reunion video set to Aerosmith.

Life after death

Life at the taxidermy motel
By Gerald Hannon
Cottage Life, October 2009 

How Kevin Hockley is preserving the wild.

Weird animals, Vol. I

And now … Return of the bald raccoon (via Torontoist)

So what’s the deal with this hairless, garbage thief?

Is a bald raccoon prowling Parkdale?
By Cathal Kelly
Toronto Star, August 2009

And more from Torontoist.

Think he’s friends with the white squirrel of Trinity-Bellwoods?

Tiny, the fat cat

Fat cat abandoned in Fredericton, now on diet
By Liam Casey
Toronto Star, January 2012 

Tiny the cat rethinks his priorities after ditched by owners.